Did you know that on average, each year you pay $402 per pallet for your FBA storage fee? And this number will be even crazier if you have long-term storage inventory.

Now, it’s time to save at least half a thousand dollars per year and invest that in other key sections of your business. amzFulfillmentCenter is the only FBA prep center in the country which provided Amazon sellers with unlimited free storage as a part of its FBA prep services. All you will need to do is getting 30 items fulfilled per month. For more information, please visit the Product Fulfillment” page.

Save money with Unlimited Free Storage on Amazon
Save money with Unlimited Free Storage on Amazon
No volume limit! No time limit! No hidden costs!

amzFulfillmentCenter is the first and only fba prep center in the USA that provides Unlimited Free Storage (UFS) for Amazon sellers from all over the world.

Bit-by-bit release to Amazon

Ship your pallets/packages to our warehouses and we will replenish your Amazon inventory bit by bit, according to your request.

Unlimited Free Storage for Amazon private labels
Unlimited Free Storage for Amazon private labels
FBA Free Storage:
Advantages for private labelers
  1. Decrease your product cost by maximizing your order quantity (you have NO storage fees).
  2. Save enormously by maximizing cargo size and reducing your customs charges.
  3. Lower your COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) by not paying any storage fees.
  4. Restock your Amazon inventory, as needed.
  5. Ensure your product quality via our inspection service.

Click here to learn more about the fulfillment services for private labelers…

FBA Free Storage
Advantages for wholesalers
  1. Earn credibility by providing your supplier with our warehouse commercial address as your own shipping address.
  2. By giving larger POs to your suppliers, you may negotiate on your product cost.
  3. Avoiding long term inventory on Amazon.
  4. Save on freight fees.
  5. Ensure your product quality via our inspection service.
  6. Save an immense amount of time with our hands-off FBA prep center.
Unlimited Free Storage for Amazon wholesalers
Unlimited Free Storage for Amazon wholesalers

Unlimited Free Storage (UFS) Service

Free (When getting 30 items fulfilled per month)
  • Unlimited storage time
  • Unlimited volume
  • Unlimited options for fulfillment services (per request)
How to start

Register with us

Step two

Send a support ticket via your dashboard

Step three

Expect to be contacted by your rep within 24 hours

Start now

Your fulfillment cost will be calculated according to our “pricing table”. General fulfillment cost is $0.7 per item for private label and $0.9 per item for wholesale.

Regardless of your stored product volume, you will be charged a flat rate of $35 per pallet for each month.

Yes, you can. However, in the case of shipping your products to any location other than Amazon, you will be charged “$119.95 per pallet + shipping fee” or “$9.95 per cubic foot + shipping fee”, whichever is higher.

Absolutely. All amzFulfillmentCenter services including UFS are available for all US sellers as well as international sellers. Click to Learn more.

Unfortunately, at this time we are only available in the US. However, we are working on expanding our business to other countries.

Your account will be charged, automatically on the cut-off day. In the case that the payments do not go through for 3 successive months and no orders for fulfillment, your inventory will be disposed of.

We receive your packages, we count, inspect and register the products according to your SKU list that you have provided for us in advance, and then inform you about any existing defect or shortages via email. amzFulfillmentCenter takes all responsibility for any sort of damage or loss of your registered products while they are present in our facilities.

Every product has to get approved by amzFulfillmentCenter first and then after you received the approval notice, you may ship your products to us. Failure to do so, will have the following penalties:

For less than a pallet: $15/box/month penalty fee

For a pallet or more: $100/pallet/month penalty fee

  • Hazardous materials (HazMat) such as moldy products, chemicals, lead-based products.
  • Some fragile items such as thin glass items and delicate electronics.
  • Liquidation lots of non-NEW or mixed condition items.
  • Meltable / liquids / semi-liquids (e.g., chocolate, ice cream, etc.)
  • The products that need to be frozen or refrigerated.
  • In general, products that Amazon does not accept for any reason.

Sure, you can however please note that for any product bigger than 0.14 cubic feet in volume, there will be a $0.15 extra charge per each extra 0.14 cubic feet