To Do List to Become a Winning Seller
To Do List to Become a Winning Seller

Launching a product is an important step in starting a business as a seller on Amazon; yet, the only step to launch a product with your Seller Central account is by no means the end of the story. There are some basics to know before starting the journey. You are going to operate there to have lots of sales, right? It may seem as simple as just set the product page and done but there’s really a lot more to it! The number one action you need to take is to make sure your page infrastructure is in good shape. Splashing money into marketing and PPC campaigns without having the right infrastructure for your product page only sucks your money without getting any promising results. No wonder why 87% of the new E-commerce products perish within their first year! Scary, huh?

Here are the five most important steps to take that can make you a winning seller:

1. Reviews

Your product review count and overall rating is one of the most important (if not the most important) factors on your product page which due to a dramatic increase in competition, is getting more and more crucial every day. Nearly 90% of buyers say that they trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. There are zillions of ways to make the people that purchase your product leave a review for you, but the problem is all these methods call for the fact that you need to generate sales first. It is a chicken and egg problem. You need sales to get reviews and you need reviews to generate sales. In addition, Amazon has restricted inauthentic ways for getting reviews clearly and if you decide to go that way, you should be ready to see your account gone one day when you wake up. In addition, a sudden rise in the number of reviews in a short time for a normally sedentary product is another alarm raiser. But how to get authentic reviews on Amazon? In order to get reviews on Amazon, you may Google something like get Amazon product reviews.

The first thing that you see in your search results is probably lots of those really messed up Facebook groups that basically try to collect fake reviews for you which not only will be removed by Amazon (if they ever get a chance to be posted at all) but also inflict the risk of suspension on your seller account.

“How would I know who is legit and who is not?” you might ask. Well the answer is fairly simply; look for real COMPANIES that are formed in the US, scan through their history and see how long they have been around, and finally look to see who provides you with a phone number so you can actually talk to them.

With all that said, there are still ways to get authentic reliable reviews for your listings on any online marketplaces and to be more specific on Amazon. But among different marketplaces, Amazon is the strictest against fake and inauthentic reviews. Now, this question may strike your mind that why Amazon monitors product reviews so meticulously and what is meant by fake reviews. Fake reviews are of different types: your mon’s review of your product will normally be a 5-star review with extremely positive feedback while your competition may give your product a 1-star review and ruin your sales. You may give away big coupons to compel people to give you positive feedback or incentivize them for positive feedback in any way among others. Amazon’s intention is to minimize the frequency and influence of such reviews to keep the competition fair and end users satisfied.

amz Fulfillment Center Inc. is the only verified market test platform, providing brand owners and manufacturers with early authentic reviews for their products by their target market. Our market test platform is called ERS (Early Review Service), and this service alone can change the future of your business and your sales dramatically. Since in amz Fulfillment Center, we strictly emphasize on unbiased and fair reviews, we have become the biggest proponent of Amazon rules and regulations. As a result, if you are looking for dictated 5-star ratings and you are willing to go against Amazon policies, this is not the right service for you.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is mostly about keywords. Spend enough time – hours or even days – to find the main keywords for a highly competed product you are about to launch. People search Amazon to find what they are looking for. Try to guess what they would be typing in the search box. You can get help from some software like Helium 10, JungleScout, etc. Sometimes, potential buyers are looking for a product with a specific feature like a cellphone with a kickstand, a 6” display or a stylus. If you have a product that has even one of these features, including the keyword is imperative. Writing style is also key. Try to use your top 10-15 keywords as much as you can in your title and bullet points. Your job is to put these keywords next to each other and make sentences that make sense for your prospect.

3. Aesthetics

Pictures speak both faster and louder than words. No time to get into linguistics. Many a product have better quality than the other equivalents; yet, worse pictures – specifically the main picture. What will happen? That’s right. Chances are remarkably high that the layperson buys the worst product with the best pictures. There are lots of third person logistics companies that provide imaging services and do it professionally for you. Never underestimate the power behind your product photos. We, at amz Fulfillment Center Inc., are here to make your mouth water with the highly professional photos from our specialized studio.

4. Advertisement

Try not to let your business have simple formulae and don’t just play by basic standards. Go social. Get into the crowds through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest; lots of them. Speak up about how good your brand is. Publish the positive reviews you have received on those social networking platforms. Even spend on advertising with pages that have a gigantic number of members. Collect members any way you can and direct them towards your pages on Amazon. Pay for Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) to get more people directed towards your listings. Try to get your own brand. Inspirit your brand name and logo by putting it everywhere; e.g. on packages, social networks, vehicles, billboards and many other places you may come up with.

Again remember, you should start spending a lot of money ONLY IF YOU HAVE TAKEN CARE OF STEPS 1-3 IN THE BEST POSSBILE WAY.

5. Good Service

Too many sorry buts, stock-outs, missed in transits, returns, etc. can lead to frowns both from customers and Amazon. Customers leave bad reviews and Amazon executes account suspensions when limits are trespassed. Keep customers content by timely shipping, intact items, giveaways, bundling products with free gifts no matter how small they may be, respecting their rights and concerns, tolerating their anger and dissatisfaction and spending time for them. Provide them with easy purchase procedures; i.e. even if you have your own online shop, put a Pay with Amazon button on it so the transaction is done on Amazon because they probably have their address and credit card set up there already.

Keep Amazon content by registering your brand with them, signing up for their paid services, trying to go Prime and trying not to cross the red lines.

Employ good people for the right places. Do not employ an edgy guy to answer customers’ phone calls. Ask your most trusted people to undertake the most sensitive jobs. They may not be the best regarding work but will never fail you provided that they get the same from you.

The Bottom Line

Per aspera ad astra! Work day and night. Take professional advice seriously. Don’t be stingy when you are sure paying for a service can bring you good returns. No matter how much you spend, if you go the wrong way, your hard-earned harvest can be gone with the wind overnight. Do not lose hope when failing somewhere. Keep going and one day you will sit back and relax.

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