Rocket launches take countless hours to prepare for, that is also true for a successful launch of a product on Amazon. The key to a successful launch is what you do before the launch itself. The fatal flaw in “jumping the gun” has been done by so many but the right way to success comes from level-headed analysis of the market and the willingness to respond to what that market is asking for.

Launch a New Product on Amazon
Launch a New Product on Amazon
Optimized Amazon listing

A professional page can have a pivotal role in the success of a new product. It is important to take a minimum of 5 high quality photos, write a short but comprehensive description of the product and a brief but efficient summary in the form of bullet points. At the end, make sure to use the proper keywords in your title and try to be as specific as possible.

Maximize the profit, minimize the risk

With the use of a proper marketing strategy that can back up your launch, you will be able to reduce the risk of failure and maximize your ROI. Our experts are standing by to help you with your launch.

Showing up on the search results
Showing up on the search results
Showing up on the search results

Did you know 70% of Amazon consumers never scroll past the first page of results? The Use of appropriate keywords is only one small part of the SEO on Amazon. Our polished marketers will make sure you hit all the algorithms to appear among the top search results on the first page to garner 64% of your targeted consumers.

Get reviews for your product

Nothing is as challenging as collecting early reviews for a newly-launched product. Reviews have been shown to be an essential part of the success of any product on Amazon. As a valuable part of this marketing package, we provide you with those early 20 reviews, which are written by real reviewers. These reviews add credit to your product and increase your sales exponentially.

Get reviews for your product
Get reviews for your product

Launch a New Product (LNP) Service

$ 799
  • "Building a High-standard Product Page" Service
  • Early 30 reviews (learn more)
  • Product Photography-Featured Package
  • Amazon SEO to rank your product (learn more)

The cumulative value of the features is $1,106. By paying just $799 you will get the whole package at once.

  1. “Building a High-standard Product Page” Service (value $249)
  2. ERS 30 (value $399)
  3. Product Photography-Featured Package (value $189)
  4. Amazon SEO to rank your product (value $269)