Fulfillment Service for Removals:

Fulfillment service for removals is a great option to make money out of your returned products.

Have you ever thought about the money you have lost due to Amazon disposing of the products that were returned by customer. Some of these disposed products could have easily been resold as “brand new items”. The average rate of returns by customers in the Amazon US marketplace is 3%-10% depending on the category. Why would you lose products when you can turn them into money instead. With the use of “Fulfillment Service for Removals (FSR)” you will be able to make money out of your removals.

How much do I lose on returned products
How much do I lose on returned products
Make money out of your dead products! on Amazon
Make money out of your dead products! on Amazon
Fulfillment service for removals:
Make money out of your returned products!

amzFulfillmentCenter has provided Fulfillment Service for Removals (FSR). Via this service you will make money out of your about-to-be-disposed products, totally hands off.

How we do it?

We receive your FBA removals, inspect them, classify them (as either brand new, used-like new, used-acceptable) to maximize the value of your items, list your items according to their class, label, fulfill, pack, and ship them to Amazon on a monthly basis. You just need to price your new listings and resell them.

Revive the money from your returns
Revive the money from your returns
How to start
Step one

You register with us for free.

Step two

Set your Amazon returns on automatic removal. (click for help)

Step three

We receive, inspect, classify (as brand new, used-like new, or used-acceptable), and store your products.

Step four

We list your products in your seller account according to their class, on a monthly basis.

Step five

We label, pack, fulfill and ship them to Amazon as FBA.

Step six

You will get invoiced for this service according to your number of returned ASINs and items, based on the following formula:

(# of ASINs x $8) + (# of items x $0.9)

Step seven

Set the right price for your new listing.


John is a private labeler who lives in the UK, selling 3 different SKUs on Amazon US market. Each of his products sells 100 units per month for $30 on average.

According to 5% average customer return rate, he has 3 x 5 = 15 returns/month ($450 loss).

By using our service, at the end of the month, he will be invoiced for (3 x $8) + (15 x $0.9) = $37.50

John will sell each revived item for an average of 70% of the brand new products (each used item sold for $20 which will be $300 for 15 items).

Therefore, John has made $300 – $37.5 = $262.5 out of thin air.

Fulfillment Service for Removals (FSR)

Price: (# of ASINs x $8)+(# of items x $0.9)
  • Quality inspection
  • Classification (brand new, used-like new, used-acceptable)
  • Listing products in your account
  • Fulfillment
  • Ship out in a monthly basis
Start now

In order to apply for this service, we need to have your payment info on file. At the end of each month, your invoice will be automatically available on your personal dashboard.

For lengthy products (longer than 20”) your cost per item is $1.15

For overweight products (heavier than 3 lbs), you will be charged $0.15 per extra pound per item.

For oversized products (more voluminous than 0.14 cubic feet) you will be charged +$0.15 per each extra 0.14 cubic feet.

We will first prep your products according to all Amazon requirements and then ship them out. Charges for special prep services will be projected on your invoice. You may find the charges in the pricing table.

We will dispose of unfulfillable products without prior notice. You will be charged $0.15 per each item’s disposal.

Sure you can. You would need to give us notice in advance. Your order will take into effect from the upcoming month and will be applied to all your products.  Return fee is calculated as follows: 

  • $9.95 per cubic foot + shipping fee 
  • $119.95 per pallet + shipping fee

We will treat them as the unfulfillable products and will dispose of them unless you have  submitted a request of “return to your address” in advance.

Unfortunately, we do not provide that option for this service.

At this moment, our platform is limited to a monthly storage period.