Success stories during COVID-19 era

We asked a few of our clients to share their success stories since COVID-19 started messing with us. In amzFulfillmentCenter, we are anti-fragile, meaning something that does not kill us, makes us stronger.

1. Kenneth V.

I produce dog treats, very good ones, in my industrial kitchen and am used to selling them in my shop. After the Corona Virus hit, I took a quick action and started selling online. amz Fulfillment Center helped me to open up my storefront and guided me through Amazon business. I invested on my reviews and marketing with them. I have reached an average of 30-50 units of sale per month and stats look pretty promising. Thumbs up!

2. Frank H.

I used to work in a restaurant (as the chef) which got closed at the end of March and I got laid off. Yeah it seems sad but I read somewhere that “on the opposite side of every crisis, there is an opportunity.” I never give up. I have started a business on Amazon to sell my label of knives. I work with one local knife manufacturer and asked him to engrave my logo on the knives. I’ve started with early review service since mid-April. I have received some honest feedback and there is a lot more to come. Fingers crossed. God bless you all.

3. Jeffrey R.

I’m 23 and I’m too young to take this as an opportunity to play video games. I needed to do something and I chose to jump on the Amazon train. My friend produces picture frames. I called amz and that’s it. They started the amz Ultimatum marketing package for me which has both marketing and ERS in one package. I’m a newbie on Amazon but so far, I am selling about one unit per day after this short time. I never expected this. This experience might change my whole life.

4. Wayne J.

When amzFulfillmentCenter asked me to write a memo about my story during the last 2 months with COVID-19, I accepted right away because they said my story might incentivize one uncertain entrepreneur who has been on the fence to straighten their mind and move on.
It’s been over three years that I have been selling my line of automotive products on Amazon, and had been doing pretty good. Starting from March, when Amazon stopped receiving non-essential products, I was so mad at Amazon. After a consultation with Charlie from amz, I decided to open up my own website with their mass marketing package. It took 2 weeks to have that website setup. Unbelievable! They provided their review service to my website and started Google ads for my website. Right now, I am having a second market. So, I sell on Amazon as FBM and on my website, as I’m on my way to secure a well-priced rate with USPS for my orders.
If tomorrow Amazon decides not to let me sell on their marketplace, I’m totally fine with that and I can easily go on. I’m NOT an Amazon proponent anymore, but I am a big fan of amz Fulfillment Center. Thank you, guys.

5. Jessica Y.

Hey everyone, my name is Jessica and would love to share my thought with you. You know what? I don’t think this virus will go away soon, as we hope. But honestly, I don’t really care. When everybody is sitting, procrastinating and trying to be more cautious, slow and skeptical, I am the one who pushes the gas pedal. I launched 3 new products in April and am using Early Review Service for them. I love what amz does and been working with them forever and I will keep working with them.

6. Arthur M.

Listen my fellow brand owner. This opportunity is ours, the online sellers. This is a historic time for us and we need to take some actions. I don’t want to advise you guys but it’s my two cents. This is the golden time for eCommerce and the longer the virus stays, the faster online shopping grows. Peter, asked me to give my fellow sellers a bit of my success within the last two months. As I told him, I’m not a fan of applauding my own achievements, but let’s shout out to amz Fulfillment Center, to their great departments that are like pieces of a puzzle connecting you to all the essential elements you need to succeed. Thanks to the mass marketing team and their ERS team who have been trying to be even more accessible during this whole time while everywhere, even Amazon, was slow, they were patiently listening to me nagging. I’ve been working with you guys for over a year now and hope you guys keep doing a good job.

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