“ERS 10”, way to secure your product's launch!

$ 199 + products' cost
  • 10 verified-purchase reviews
  • Honest, descriptive, and informative reviews
  • Reviewed by target market
  • Estimated completion time: 45 days

By choosing “ERS10”, your product will be purchased, used, and reviewed by 10 of your potential customers, who would like to share their authentic feedback/review with you and your future shoppers! You can expect reviews that are fair, descriptive, and informative. This process will take approximately 45 days, for a typical product.


When the reviewers review your product, we will reimburse them for what they have paid to purchase your product. Therefore, besides the campaign fee, you will receive the product’s cost invoice (10 x product’s retail price), if your product is approved by the ERS team. This process takes a few hours.


**We are unable to accept brand owners who are engaged with receiving fake reviews, as it is against our, Amazon, and FTC regulations. 

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