Revioly is the most trusted market test platform in the US, that utilizes smart methods to provide brand owners with early authentic reviews for their products and services. They use a great variety of demographics to make sure your products are being assessed and reviewed by their right target audiences.

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Get Early Reviews As Soon As You Launch Your Product!

Studies have shown that displaying reviews can increase conversion by 270%! But if you are launching a new product, you probably know that it is very challenging to collect product reviews on your Amazon product page. Customers usually do not review a product that doesn't already have at least a dozen reviews. Even if you tried using email marketing, it will usually increase reviews by 1 or 2 per 100 products sold! It is a chicken and egg situation; you need product reviews to sell, but you need to sell (a lot) to get reviews organically! This is where our early review service comes in; you will not have to worry about getting authentic reviews once you launch!

Why Real Reviews?

  • Amazon removes reviews that its algorithms detect as unauthentic; they removed more than 1.2 million product reviews in May 2018 alone!
  • Amazon, eBay and Facebook are banning users and removing product pages that are found to be engaging in fraudulent reviews.
  • Customers have adapted to detecting which reviews are fake and will not trust your company when they detect fake reviews.​
  • Purchasing fake reviews is illegal and can cause you trouble with the law!

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Choose the plan that suits your needs the most!


$199 / onetime
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  • 10 reviews by Prime members.
  • Descriptive reviews by target market.​
  • Products' cost and their tax are not included.​​
  • Estimated completion time: 45 days.

ERS7 Subs

$129 / per month
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  • 7 reviews per month by Prime members.
  • Descriptive reviews by target market​.
  • Products' cost and their tax are not included​.​
  • 7 product reviews delivered per month.

If you are an author/publisher please contact us at with your request.

200% Money-Back Guarantee

Just as an extra assurance, we have a “double money-back guarantee” policy, in case of the occurrence of any future removal of your reviews gained by us. However, we do not guarantee 5-star reviews for your products because our team of reviewers will review your products in a fair and truthful manner.


How does early review service work?

After purchasing one of the review packages, you will be directed to a page to fill out a “questionnaire” form with your product information. We will evaluate your product based on the information in your questionnaire and will get back to you with your products’ cost invoice. Once the payment is done, your campaign will kick off as early as the next day.

I am interested in this service. What is the process?

The process is fairly simple and straight forward:
1. Pay for the review fee
2. After your payment for the review fee you will be redirected to another page to fill out the "questionnaire form" with your product information
3. You will receive an invoice for your product fee within a few hours
4. Your campaign will be started as soon as your payment is proceed

Is there any conflict between this service and Amazon policies?

Not only do we have no conflict with Amazon policies, but also we are the biggest proponent of Amazon regulations. amzFulfillmentCenter is the pioneer provider of authentic early reviews on Amazon. Please note that we have not hired any reviewer. We have a dynamic community of diverse people who are willing to give their honest opinions about a product with no obligation for giving any specific rating (i.e., five stars), with one main mission: to purify Amazon from inauthentic reviews and accelerate the growth of high-quality products".

How do I reimburse your reviewers?

You will be invoiced for the whole reimbursement fees before your product campaign starts off and we will reimburse each reviewer separately.

Do you provide this service for other Amazon marketplaces (i.e.

No. This service is just for sellers for now.

Do reviewers review books as well? Does it take longer?

Yes, they do. It takes longer for them to leave reviews for books.

Can I use one review package for more than one product?

No. Our system is designed in a way that each campaign can only handle one product and each campaign is correspondent to one package.