With amzPayback, get reimbursed by Amazon!
amzFulfillmentCenter indemnifies your Amazon loss!

As a seller on Amazon, if you are on this page you probably already know that Amazon owes you money. Oh yes, big big Amazon has its own mistakes. In fact, it’s not always Amazon that causes your loss. Sometimes customers’ negligence on returning products that they have already been refunded for, is the reason of your loss. Is it surprising? Of course not! It is infeasible for Amazon with having over 2 million sellers to figure all these mistakes out and indemnify your loss.

Amazon demnifies, AmzFulfillmentCenter indemnifies
Amazon demnifies, AmzFulfillmentCenter indemnifies
How do I revive my money on Amazon
How do I revive my money on Amazon
How do I revive my money tree?

Reimbursement for sellers on Amazon marketplace has never been easier than this. By using the new platform of amzFulfillmentCenter, all you need to do is to send a support ticket with your inquiry to our helpdesk. You will get reimbursed for your loss on Amazon, in a month or so.

amzPayback Service

$ 49.95 Flat fee
  • Damaged products in Amazon warehouses
  • Lost products in Amazon warehouses
  • Returns after 60 days from the purchase time
  • Refunded buyer who never returned your item
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Send a support ticket with your inquiry

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According to the instructions, give us permission for a limited access to your seller account

Step four

Get reimbursed by Amazon!

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